Word Alive

Dear Christian Friends,

Enduring in our walk of faith without growing weary can prove to be an increasing challenge for all of us and so the 2017-18 series of ‘Word Alive’, hosted by Bradford Scripture Display Society, will aim to encourage our perseverance as the church faces some major difficulties today.

Please accept this invitation to join us as we seek to address challenges to our mutual faith and renew our confidence in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Meetings are 7:30pm at Church On The Way on the third Fridays of September–April.

Enduring where there is error: Tony Brown (‘Cults Investigated’), 15th Sept 2017.

Enduring when confronted with extremism: Stuart Hacking (Immanuel College), 20th Oct.

Enduring when challenged by science: Professor Andy McIntosh (University of Leeds), 17th Nov.

Enduring where there are disputes: Keith Mitton (Christchurch, Idle), 19th Jan 2018.

Enduring when depressed: Roger Carswell (Association of Evangelists), 16th Feb.

Enduring when discouraged: Philip Dyson (Sunbridge Road Mission), 16th March.

Enduring when faced with temptation: Ashley Evans (Bolton Villas Family Church), 20th April.


Please get in touch if you would like to receive publicity for this series and, to keep up to date with the wider ministry of Bradford Scripture Display Society across the city, visit: www.scripturedisplay.co.uk or follow ‘Bradford Scripture Display’ on Facebook.

Yours in Christ,

Christopher Rushton

Bradford Scripture Display Society