Some Good News from Kathy Tedd of JOY

As most of you know, Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire (JOY) is an Ecumenical Christian Charity, based in Shipley, which has been working since 1990 to provide aid and funds to address disasters and meet special needs in the 3rd world. Here, Kathy Tedd, (JOY’s Director) provides some good news:

“Thank you to all of you who have given donations, funds and help with packing for the 6th container for Yemen. The 40 foot container was packed to the brim by hard working volunteers at the JOY warehouse, and has now arrived safely in Aden port, Yemen, and is waiting space to dock. Please pray that it will go through customs speedily so that the Yemeni team can start distributing to some of the 16 million people now facing starvation, with food prices having risen over 60%. Having lost the means of growing their own food, losing their businesses and being displaced from their homes so many are in a desperate position. Pray for the Christians who are trying to help as many as they can, pray for their health amid a new wave of the pandemic, (added to cholera, typhoid dysentery and dengue fever) and for strength and safety. If you would like to help us fill a 7th container please contact me on 07751303210. God bless you all Kathy.”