Second Container Planned for Yemen

Having successfully sent one container of urgent aid from JOY, which has been safely distributed, we are planning a second for early in the New Year. We would be grateful for any help with medical supplies (contacts in Clinics, surgery, care homes etc) or any group who may be willing to help sponsor a shelter box at £150 each (Aquabox) or a sack of rice. I know it’s coming up to Christmas, and we’re all helping support food banks, Inn churches, asylum seekers and the homeless; but as the Yemen crisis (the world’s worst humanitarian disaster) has finally hit the news (After 3 years!!) people may want to help.. Any queries please contact me om 01274531999 or by e mail as above. We have had lovely e mails back from our contacts in the Yemen: Mr Abu Faisal from Yemen Vision said:

“I assure you that every single thing you sent is very useful for many people in Yemen . We really thank you very much for your generous support, and please send our thanks to Criz and all the kind people who were involved in this amazing work. We really appreciate your good will, may God protect you and bless you all”

I have more pictures and more information, if you want any, please contact me

Thank you

Dr Kathy Tedd   Director of Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire