January 2016

The Believe in Shipley mission week will take place next year between 25th September and 2nd October. The week will provide a focus for events organised under the banner of Shipley Christians Together and also for more local events run by individual church fellowships in the Shipley area.

Let’s continue to praise God for what has happened so far:

  • Many of our local church leaders regularly praying and working together (planning Believe in Shipley and running the Bible Stall in Shipley Market)
  • Initiatives like the Big Picnic and Big Cream Tea
  • Doors opening to us in local organisations including Victoria Hall, Costa’s and Bradford Brewery.
  • Archbishop Sentamu coming as a main event speaker.
  • Ongoing development of the website
  • Bishop Toby’s ongoing input to Believe in Shipley.
  • Financial commitment from several churches to help to cover the costs of the mission.
  • The provision of admin support and help with publicity

Let’s focus this month on praying for people we already know:

  • Pray for the protection of the steering group. There has been a real sense of these people being attacked in different ways in recent months.
  • Pray for family, friends and neighbours who don’t yet know Christ. Pray for opportunities to share your story with them.
  • Pray for groups of people who already use our church buildings and who are already “warm” to church contact.
  • Pray for groups of people that Christians in the Zephaniah Trust, Open the Book, Cuppacare and Shipley Foodbank Centre come into contact with and regularly share their faith with that they would be open to God.
  • Pray for those who are starting to organise the events which will take place both before and during the mission week.
  • Pray for people attending the Alpha course being run by City Valley Church at Saltaire Canteen and any other such courses across Shipley that we may know of.

Let’s all listen to God’s heart for Shipley and perhaps find new ways to pray individually and corporately for the success of Believe in Shipley. Do also talk to your church leaders if you want to help in specific ways.