A special message regarding Shipley Christians Together and Ukrainian Refugees

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Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

We are writing to inform you that Shipley Christians Together  have signed up to the UK Government scheme to accept refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. We know that some of you will choose to do this individually, but we hope as Shipley Christians Together to be able to provide a safe haven for those fleeing the terrors of war, especially women and children.

We are in contact with people nearer the frontline to help us to identify people we might sponsor under this new scheme announced today.

We anticipate one, or more families might come to us who need housing and our plan would be to rent a home (or homes) in Shipley for them to live in, given they might have to be here some considerable time.

Others might come as single people and members of our churches might be able to house them for the initial six months of the government scheme.

Help will be available from the local authority and we can liaise with local schools to get children back into education.

What is needed

  • Prayer – as we seek to negotiate the process of helping people move from Ukraine to Bradford.
  • Money – will be needed to help with rent if we have to obtain housing for a family.
  • Furnishings – if we rent an unfurnished property.
  • Rooms – if single people come who can be housed with a family.
  • Logistics support – helping people register with a doctor etc, source furniture, assist in getting utilities connected.
  • Translation – if you know anyone who speaks Ukrainian or another Slavic language (Russian is common)
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Register your interest now

Let us know who you are and how you can help by emailing us at sctukraine@yahoo.com

We are in touch with other groups in Sandy Lane and Haworth who are doing the same as us. If you have decided to register directly to welcome refugees into your own home, then it would be good to keep contact with you to share knowledge and insights as we learn together so please also let us know on the email address above.Let us have that attitude which as the heart of Christianity, let us welcome the stranger in peril with love and compassion.

Sincerely in Christ,

Keith Jones (Lead, SCT Ukraine Action Team)
Adam Carver (Chair, Shipley Christians Together)